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At Boardies IT Solutions we strive to make apps, software and web services to help our users and our fellow developers. We do work on various stacks, such as frontend and backend web development, software for PC and servers such as in C# and C++. We aim where possible to work with the latest technologies and are always working on new things. Below you will find a list of the various products and services we've made available as well as some other utility apps that we have open sourced on our GitHub page.


CritiMon CritiMon is our newest service, its our new crash and error monitoring service that can work with any programming language, any platform no matter what stack you develop in from Javascript to Python to C++.

It allows you to receive all of the vital information, and only the vital information, no deluge of data which may not be relevant, just see what you need such as the exception type, the class and line number and the stacktrace. You have the full control of what crashes are reported on, e.g. crashes that you have no control over such as third party libraries or hardware errors can be filtered so they no longer alert you of a problem as there's nothing you can do about it. It also lets you report crashes have come from a development device so that you do not fill your account with crashes that have come from your development, and only receive crashes where it matters and where its most important, on your users devices.

You can get more information about CritiMon by visiting the CritiMon website.

Boardies MySQL Manager

MySQL Manager Boardies MySQL Manager is a small app for Android to let you easily see and manage your MySQL/MariaDB databases while on the move from your mobile or tablet device.

This app lets you connect to a database directly over the Internet or through an SSH tunnel and allows you view the records in a table layout or formatted layout and update the database.

You can find more information about the app on the Google Play Store

Android MySQL Connector

The Android MySQL connector was built after Boardies MySQL Manager. This is our open source library which is available on GitHub. This was built due to the limitations of Android and the Boardies MySQL Manager as the app had to rely on a PHP API as there was no official MySQL Connector. Although there were hacks to get the original Java MySQL Connector to work, didn't want to rely on a hack so the PHP API was the bet alternative. This led some issues such as the database had to be available over the Internet as the PHP API was on our servers and then the API would connect to the users database.

We therefore built the Android MySQL Connector with the intention of rebuilding Boardies MySQL Manager App to use this library. Unfortunately we haven't had time to get round to this yet, but the library is in a working order with support for MySQL 5.4 through to MySQL 5.7.

You can find the library on our GitHub account.