Windows Development

Most of our products for Windows are written in C#. We do both Console application and GUI applications, although there are no console applications released for download as they are being used for our backsend services. For example, CritiMon, our crash detection service, its a web service that anyone can use, but there is a C# console application that is hosted on our web server, receives soap messages from the SDK installed in your apps, which include the crash details which are stored in the database and the web pages for CritiMon use.

As for our released Windows applications, there currently isn't anything officially released, however, we have a couple of preview applications for download.

Server Administrator

The Server Administrator, is a C# windows application that can download your apache web server logs either via FTP or SFTP. Once the apache log has been downloaded, it will then load in logs and allow you to filter out and search through the log file. For example, you can filter against IP address, HTTP status codes etc.

There is lots work to go into this. For example, we want to provide more information form the logs, such as most popular pages. We also want to provide a MySQL Backup utility so you can either perform manual backups or set up scheduled backups.

This application currently only supports Windows, but if it proves popular we will also make it compatibile for Linux.

SQLite Manager

SQLite Manager allows you to open SQL Lite database files, including password protected databases. It will allow you to perform queries on the databae, view and edit the data within the database, as well as create a new database file.

We also, have plans to create a plugin, to help fellow Android developers that will allow you to download database files from Android devices and emulator and view and edit the database and then push the changes to the database back to Android.

MySQL Server Manager SSH Tunnel Plugin

We have an android app available on the play store called Boardies MySQL Manager. If you want more info check our Android development page. As Android doesn't have a MySQL Client library, we wrote a PHP API that does all of the MySQL database work and sends the result back to Android. For more information on the API check our Web Development page. PHP doesn't provide SSH tunnel support unless the local and remote ports match, i.e. if connecting to a remote database on port 3306, then the tunnel locally has to be 3306. We didn't want that, therefore we created a C# Windows Service which the PHP API uses to create the SSH tunnel.