Web Developments

Our web services are released in two different ways. They are either usable from our own website, or provide the option to be downloaded and installed on to your own web server.


One of our web service developments is CritiMon. CritiMon is a crash detection service where you add an SDK to your own development projects. The SDK sends crash information to the web server and the web pages view the stored crash details.

CritiMon detects unhandled exceptions, but you can also send crash details in Exception handlers, when you need to know that a handled exception has occurred. It logs the various android versions affected by the crash, how many times it has occurred, how many users (based on individual devices) have been affected, the app versions that were affected and the complete stacktrace.

We are currently working on a new version of CritiMon which also includes an Android App to help you manage your crashes while you're away from your desk. We will have more information on this soon.

Boardies MySQL Manager (Web API)

The web API for Boardies MySQL Manager has already been mentioned in the Android section. By default the app will post the login details to your database to the API running on Boardies IT Solutions, run what query it needs, and then encrypt and send the response back to your device. However, we understand that you may not want to do this due to security concerns, therefore you can download the source of the API, either just so you can look through and see how it works, or install the API on to your own web server and update the settings of the app to post to your web server instead.