We develop software for cross platform, such as Windows/Linux, Android and Web Services.

Most of our products are released for free, either via the Google Play Store, or via our website. Obviously, although we release our products for free, we have to make some money, to help with the development of those apps, and to allow us to make more software, therefore they are ad supported, and some require in app purchases in order to unlock extra features.

Boardies IT Solutions is an individual developer, the individual develops the software, maintains the web site and the web server and also holds down a full time job. This, therefore means that developments can be quite a slow progress as its all done in spare time, however, if you report a bug about one of our apps, we will do our best to ensure that we resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


We have two apps currently in the Play Store, both apps are free, and contain a pro unlock to unlock extra features. One of our apps has an average rating of 4.6 and our other app (which is in beta) has a rating of 3.2.

If you find a bug in our apps, we hope that you won't just give us a bad rating, and instead report the bug to us. After all, if you comment that something doesn't work, especially if we're not told what the problem is, it doesn't help anyone, it affects our reputation, and we have no idea how we can fix it.


We have a crash detection service, available on our Website, called CritiMon. This allows other developers, to import the CritiMon SDK into your own projects, such as Android and Windows, and crashes and exceptions are automatically logged for you to look at on our website. This provides more information about the state of your apps, as the Google Play store, for example, only shows unhandled exceptions, CritiMon will log all of them, but will only log them, where you need them to be logged.

We have experience in the following technologies:

Got your own App Idea?

If you have your own app idea that would like us to consider making, we love to hear it. Use our contact us page and give us much information as possible and we will look into whether we can develop it.

Want more information?

If you want some more information about our products, then go through our developments menu for more information.