Android Developments

We have two apps on the Google Play Store. Boardies Password Manager and Boardies MySQL Manager. Both apps are free and ad supported, and both have the option to unlock extra features and turn off the ads. Lets take a look at these apps in more detail.

Boardies Password Manager

Boardies Password Manager was released to the Play Store a few years ago. It has an average rating (at the time writing this) of 4.6.

Boardies Password Manager is a unique password management app. You store all of your logins in an encrypted database on the device, when you want to access it, you can either view them on the phone, however, to save your password being displayed on the screen, you can instead, press a button to load the website. When the website loads, the username is copied to the devices clipboard and a notification is created, allowing you to paste into the relevant field. When pasted in, you can click on the notification, and the password is then copied to your clipboard allowing you to paste into the relevant field.

We are currently working on a new version of this app. The new version will make use of the new Google Design Guidelines such as Material design as well as extra functionality, such as, filtering.

There is a separate pro unlock app (this will be replaced with an in app purchase in the new release) that allows device synchronisation. The logins are automatically saved to an encrypted XML file to either your Google Drive or Dropbox account, that way it ensures all of your logins are synchronised between all of your devices.

Boardies MySQL Manager

Boardies MySQL Manager is another free app that we have on the Play Store. It is currently in a beta release but so far we have had good feedback. The app works by posting to a web service API that runs on our web server. This is due to Android not supporting MySQL Client Libraries. The app works by posting, encrypted login details, to our web API, and our web server logs in to your database, runs the queries, and then encrypts the response back to your device which your device then decodes.

However, we understand that you may not want to do this due to security concerns, although we gurantee that we do not collect any login credentials or query results, we've made it the API available as free download. That way you can either look through the code to ensure that we're not doing anything with your data, or if you prefer, you can install the API on to your own web server and point the app to post your server instead of Boardies IT Solutions.

There are some new features that we want to add, such as device synchronisation of stored database logins, MySQL Resultset export to CSV and password protection for the app.

There is an in app purchase within the app, that will add extra functionality. Currently, this will allow you to run queries that will modify your database, as by default you will only be able to read only queries, such as SELECT.

Naivgation Drawer Manager

We have a library for Android called Navigation Drawer Manager. This is an open source library and can be found at It makes use of the official Navigation Drawer from the Android Support Repository, and allows for an easy implementation, and adds the ability to add multiple different components, to the navigation menu.