Boardies IT Solutions - Software, Websites and Android

We Develop for Android

We develop apps for Android, ensuring that there functional but easy to use. Available for free with a paid unlock option available for extra features

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Bug Reporting

If yoy find a bug within one of our apps or services, then please report them using our Bug Reporting System

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Get Updates

Check out our blog to get updates and news about our new releases and services

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Who is Boardies IT Solutions?

We develop apps for multiple platforms, including Android, Windows and Web Services, which depending on the web service does, can be used through our website, or can be downloaded to install on to your own web server.

The vast majority of the development work we do is completely free for you to use, and is supported through advertisements. Some products though, do have pro unlock apps that can unlock extra features and help to support the further development of the product.

If you have your own development ideas, or, if you have a feature request or an improvement to one of our existing products, then we want to hear from you. Above, shows all the ways you can contact us, and if you want more information about contacting us, then please view our contact us page.

You can find more information about us by clicking here.